Office of the Director Finance & Accounts 

Kamal Uddin Bhuyan
Director (In-Charge)
Cell Phone:01819945318
Md. Nasir Uddin
Deputy Director
Cell Phone: 01815436397
Md. Abu Taher
Deputy Director
Cell Phone: 01727508187
S. M. Mahmudul Hoque
Assistant Director
Cell Phone: 01718879474
Muhammed Mukhlesur Rahman
Section Officer
Cell Phone: 01922000950
Mohammad Zakir Hossain Choudhuri
Accounts Officer
Cell Phone: 01797796707


Md. Saly Ahammed (Mamun)
Accounts Officer
Cell Phone:01914339388
Mohammad Atiqur Rahman
Section Officer
Cell Phone:01933016601
Robiul Hoque
Accounts Officer
Cell Phone:01722297676
Md Abul Kalam Azad
Accounts Officer (Budget)
Cell Phone:01716110149
Dulal Chandra Ghosh
Accounts Officer
Cell Phone:01759465353
Delowar Hossain
Accounts Officer
Cell Phone:01831156181


Tania Akter
Accounts Officer

Office of the Controller of Examinations

Mohammad Nurul Karim Chowdhury
Controller of Examinations (In-Charge)
Cell Phone: 01712644277
Mohammad Razaul Karim
Deputy Registrar
Cell Phone: 01913383363
Abdullah - Al - Mamun
Deputy Controller of Examinations
Cell Phone: 01712651064
Zinat Aman
Deputy Controller of Examinations
Cell Phone: 01712701634
Tahania Huq
Assistant Controller of Examinations
Cell Phone:01931019073
Md. Imtiaz Hossain
Assistant Controller of Examinations
Cell Phone: 01915366639


Mosammat Salina Akther
Section Officer

Office of the Director Planning and Development 

Md. Delowar Hossain
Deputy Director
Cell Phone: 01715024265
Dr. Md. Shahabuddin
Deputy Director
Cell Phone:01712387282
Reazul Zannath
Assistant Director
Cell Phone:01719354198
Md. Tazul Islam
Section Officer
Cell Phone: 01717535225
Md. Masudur Rahman
Section Officer
Cell Phone:01917889560

Office of the Engineering 

Engr. S.M Shahidul Hasan
Superintending Engineer
Cell Phone: 01790460106
Engr. Muhammad Shahidullah Khan
Executive Engineer(Civil)
Cell Phone: 01726668669
Md. Abdul Latif
Executive Engineer (Civil)
Cell Phone: 01712646915
Engr. Md. Zakir Hossain
Executive Engineer (Electrical)
Cell Phone: 01723404419
Md. Billal Hossain
Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Cell Phone: 01817536366
Md. Mizanur Rahman
Assistant Engineer (Electrical)
Cell Phone: 01819663012


Md. Mafizul Islam
Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Cell Phone: 01751179839
Md. Imam Hasan
Section Officer
Cell Phone: 01830809855
Shabuz Barua
Sub Assistant Engineer(Civil)
Cell Phone: 01745661839

Office of the Physical Education

Monerul Alam
Deputy Director
Cell Phone:01740640023

Office of the Public Relations 

Mohammad Emdadul Hoque
Public Relations Officer (Additional Charge)
Cell Phone:01715408158

Officer's of the Dean Offices

Gazi Mohammad Abdul Hannan
Assistant Registrar
Faculty of Business Studies
Cell Phone:01731622656
Md. Omar Faruk Mamun
Section Officer
Faculty Of Arts and Humanities
Cell Phone:01816822544
Shaida Akther
Section Officer
Faculty Of Science
Cell Phone:01916644643

Officer's of the Department Offices

Md. Akter Hossain
Assistant Registrar
Dept. of Mathematics
Cell Phone:01815077420
Mohammad Mahbub Miah
Section Officer
Dept. of Public Adminstration
Cell Phone:01757347150
Md. Joynal Abden
Section Officer
Dept. of Economics
Cell Phone:01817533431
Mohammad Dalower Hossain Khan
Administrative Officer
Dept. of English
Cell Phone:01815303194
Md. Tanvir Ahammad
Section Officer
Dept. of Finance and Banking
Cell Phone:01717293338
Syed Anawarul Azam
Section Officer
Dept. of Bangla
Cell Phone:01923775405
Mohammad Raihanul Islam
Section Officer
Dept. of Physics
Cell Phone:01921367720
Md. Anayet Hossen
Section Officer
Dept. of Pharmacy
Cell Phone:01814903102
Krishono Kishor Debnath
Sub Assistant Engineer (Tec)
Dept. of Statistics
Cell Phone:01981013398
Md. Alamgir Hossain
Administrative Officer
Dept. of CSE
Cell Phone:01816217444

University Cultural Representative

Md. Anamul Haque
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Pharmacy
Cell Phone:01912894766
Israt Jahan Lipa
Dept. of Anthropology
Cell Phone:01684822764