Dr. Md.Saifur Rahman


Welcome to the Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Comilla University. The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of Comilla University is one of the most vibrant departments in Bangladesh. Since its beginning in 2010, the Department is playing a vital role in building skilled ICT professional and researchers not only inside the country but also all over the world. A very good number of national and international quality students are selected in each academic year. It has overwhelming dominance in ICT-based higher education and research. The department started its modest journey in 2010 through a graduate program. Later in 2014 it started the M.Sc program in Information and Communication Technology where the aim is to provide ICT specialists of highest caliber who will be involved in research, design and development. It offers academic programs for BSc (Engg.) and MSc (Engg.) degrees in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) under the faculty of Engineering of Comilla University. For each program the department follows a unique up to date curriculum with the aim to equip the students with theoretical and analytical skills as well as through knowledge and expertise in the latest state of techniques in ICT, so that they could contribute in diverse areas. The Department has very good quality faculty members who have excellent academic and research background, skilled technical officers, office staff and technician.
    Since its inception, the department is endeavoring to the following objectives:
   •International standard of quality education.
   •Correlate technical knowledge with professional ethics.
   •Train-up students in enlightening their inner abilities for problem solving and critical thinking.
        In the past few years,     ICT department has developed a very good reputation in innovative ICT-based research and excellence in teaching. Alumni of this department are working with good reputation and success at renowned companies, public organizations and universities.Our mission is to discover ICT-based new ideas, promote knowledge and apply them for the welfare of the nation. The department conducts hi-tech research in almost all of the current areas of ICT. Active research areas include Image Processing, Signals and Systems, Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas, Microwave Engineering,  Analog and Digital Communication, Information Theory and Coding, Software Engineering, Ecommerce, Database Systems, Satellite and Radar Communication, Telecommunication Engineering, Data Mining, Multimedia Systems, Computer Networks, Network Security, Internet Technologies, Computer Graphics, Algorithms, Signal Processing, Wireless and Mobile Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Artificial Intelligence and so on. The Department has taken steps to continue research in order to develop new ideas using ICT-based techniques for the social and economic development of the country.
        The Department of ICT, Comilla University provides its students with plentiful opportunities to get experienced in the working of the industry, national and international level ICT competitions and also in real-life projects attached in the course curriculum.At the same time it provides different ICT based training programs to enrich students for current job market.The department also arranges regular seminar, workshop and co-curricular activities for the betterment of the members of ICT family.
        The department has an enriched associated organization titled as ICT Association. The aim of the association is to extend relations among faculty members and students outside the classroom activities. Furthermore, it promotes students to engage themselves in co-curricular activities like debate, cultural programs and sports frequently. The association also encourages students to participate in different national and international competitions of programming, robotics, idea generation etc with a view to enhance their practical knowledge.
        The Department of ICT fosters future scientists and engineers and aims in developing not only the ability of students to live compliantly and belligerently in our rapidly changing society but also generating fundamental academic skills to advance our modern way of life. It is our vision to develop professionals with a global perception and who take an active role in the technological progress.