Review of Me and White Supremacy
 By Krishna Kumar Saha   From Public Administration
The current piece is a guide book to the white supremacist world we are currently living in. Some of us don't understand their reason behind their privilege. They don't even recognize their privilege. To minimize the racism in the world and to bring changes here, your book can be a good start. In the book, he will have a better understanding to improve your idea of racism. Besides, it can make you feel that you should become allies to people of color if you want to understand anti-racism and who have benefited from the white supremacy, then this a book for you. For a better understanding of contemporary society and sociology, you can have a cursory reading of the book. The author of the book Layla Saad is a writer, speaker, and podcast host. She is well known for her work on race and social change. Her Instagram challenge #MeAndWhiteSupremacy became a viral hit in 2018, and later she developed it as a book you are going to read. She did grow up in the UK, but currently, she is living in Doha, Qatar. We live in a world where supremacy is defined by 'white.' People take advantage of this privilege. Some people do understand it, and some people don't. When these privileged people engage with questions of anti-racism, sometimes it goes badly. And then it ends up with 'color blindness' or tokenism or white saviorism. Eventually, it ends up reinforcing racial stereotypes and white privilege all over again. But some of them want to change it. Those who want to change it need to work hard to practice allyship. It takes courage to be a voice that supports, instead of harms colored, indigenous, and black people.