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How to write academic biography? Krishna Kumar Saha* Writing meaningful academic biographies can be as challenging as writing academic articles. It is usually between 50 words to 300 words but not more. It sounds very simple and easy since it is just a few words. But when you start writing a meaningful academic biography for yourself, then things can quickly go out of your hand. This is why here in this article, I’m sharing you some helpful tips for writing your very own meaningful academic biography. Usually, when you submit your research article, they might ask for your academic biography, or maybe you are planning to attend a national or international conference, they might also ask for it. Nevertheless, if you are into academic blog writing or you contribute to any blog sites, or you are writing an editorial or OP-ED piece for any newspaper there, you might want to add your academic biography to your profile. It gives a good impression about you to your reader. An academic biography is a brief accomplishment of your academic career. Then the question remains how brief it has to be? To answer the question, you need to look up the requirement. This means where you plan to submit your academic biography. If they have any requirement, then you have a clue, and if they don’t, then you should keep it between 100-150 words. Not more. Writing academic biographies is a skill, and you need to keep working on it to make this skill better, like any other skill. In an academic bio, you should mention your name, position, and institutional affiliation (department & university) in the first sentence.
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Suykens, B., & Islam, A. (2013). Hartal as a complex political performance: General strikes and the organisation of (local) power in Bangladesh. Contributions to Indian Sociology , SAGE Publications, 47 (1), 61-83. The article Hartal as a complex political performance: General strikes and the organisation of (local) power in Bangladesh by Bert Suykens and Aynul Islam that appeared in Contributions to Indian Sociology journal by SAGE Publications is a core literature of typical Bangladeshi violent political activity and its complex wave. The lead author Bert Suykens is an Assistant Professor at Conflict Research Group, Ghent University. And co-author Aynul Islam is a research fellow at Conflict Research Group, Ghent University. In this current text, the authors have attempted to provide the evidence for the complexity of Hartal as the general strike and total shutdown. In addition, they have shown the role Hartal plays in shaping the local power structure. They also argued that it not only explains the present-day power structure but also it explains future representatives of the local political institutions. However, the sampling and number of cases interviewed are not enough to generalize the conclusion of this text. Still, given the quality of the research, this article merits wide readership. In the word cloud, the reader will get a light and thought-provoking idea of the article. **this review is done for the project, 'Review with WordCloud'
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