Md. Anamul Haque


Since the past pharmacy has been playing a significant role on public health by discovering and developing numerous therapeutic drugs. These drugs are necessary for treating wide range of ailments. In the present era, demand of pharmaceutical products has expanded sharply to manage numerous diseases. Pharmacists are the experts of drugs or medicines. So to meet the demand of efficient pharmacists, and to improve health care system, the department of pharmacy, Comilla University is trying to do their best on education and research.
We offer a five (05) years B. Pharm course that is very effective to acquire knowledge for industrial use like- production, quality control, product developments and promotion of drugs to national or international markets. Our course curriculum is designed in such a way that it would be effective to provide patient care either in hospital or community pharmacy. An optimum balance between theory and practical knowledge is maintained in the overall structure of the curriculum.We have sufficient laboratory facilities for advanced research in Natural Product Chemistry, Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Microbiology, and Pharmaceutical Technology Moreover, the graduate will get access to any institute or university of the world to avail higher study. To bring this achievement successfully, the teachers and the staffs of the department are working hard. They are also engaged in several scientific research projects.
Finally, the department of pharmacy, Comilla University is playing a significant role to create a way of success which will make skilful human resource for the enrichment of health care system and development of the country.