Message of the Vice Chancellor

Professor Dr. Emran Kabir Chowdhury

Warm Welcome to Comilla University!

Established in 2007 the University aimed to provide high quality education, equipping students with the expertise to address both local and global challenges, and to build and generate knowledge. Very adjacent to an ancient archaeological site of a thousand years old Buddhist Monastery ‘Shalban Vihara’, this University contains the charm of historical heritage, flavor of a deep rooted cultural bondage and owns the pure spirit and taste of our soil. A very convenient geographical location between the capital city Dhaka and the second largest city Chattogram, and a good road transport connectivity opens the gate of opportunities for this University to welcome and attract not only the aspiring learners but also the scholars across the country. Currently, Comilla University is progressing on with 19 departments, 209 faculty along withmore than 6000 existing students. So far, a significant number of graduates have already passed out from this University and have started to contribute in building up the nation.

This University believes to endow the learners with a spirit of inquiry, professionalism, social consciousness and deep sense of patriotism. Academic intellectualism and social growth of our learners is our priority. In this process, learners’ critical thinking, inter personal competencies, technology awareness are emphasized, new horizon of knowledge is explored.

We care about providing suitable environment to the teachers and students so that they can unleash their potentials and shine. It is an utmost necessity of sincere willingness and devoted participatory role of all concerned stake holders to address all the challenging issues for further holistic development of this University.

Being a long-cherished dream of becoming a centre for disseminating knowledge in this delta region, this University looks forward to harmonize with the existing government development policy since Bangladesh has graduated to the list of developing countries from the least-developed country status.

We have a clear vision to invest in intellectual talent to make a positive change to our city, our region, our nation and our world so that Bangladesh can move ahead in the light of the path of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.