Establishment History


The department started its journey with only three teachers and only 39 students in the academic session 2009-2010 on the 29th March, 2010. Firstly appointed three young and energetic teachers are Dr. G. M. Moniruzzaman, Assistant Professor & Head of the department (Acting), Mohammad Niamot Ullah Bhuyan (Lecturer) and Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Milky (Lecturer). The department offers both BA (Honours) and MA in Bangla programs for the students.


Programme  Name

Undergraduate and Graduate


 Missiom and Vision

According to government role, it is compulsory to use pure Bangla in every government and non-government sectors. Current government has been working to establish the motto. Besides, 21st February is diclared as an international mother language day by UNESCO which is the outcome of our language movement in 1952. That`s why, we want to exhibit highly our language and literature not only in home but also internationally to meet the demand of the present world in want of world`s demands. The goal of this department is to establish the prestige of Bangla language, literature and culture with appropriate researches.



1. To involve using pure Bangla in every sphere of life;

2. To be united to enrich our language, literature and culture with the

    demand of contemporary world;

3. To make our students skilled in different works in home and abroad.



With our sincere, adept, experienced teachers students are contributing to different prominent sectors like BCS cadre, achieving two gold medals from prime minister, being university teachers, bankers and executives in various public and private sectors etc.

We have an enriched organization named `Bangla Bhasha-Shahittya Parishad', all others activities beyond academic activities occurr under the parishad.