Mission and Vision of Anthropology Department

Diversity Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop links among the sub-disciplines of Anthropology, which focus on the issue of cultural dynamics as we specifically concentrate on the cultural field of Anthropology. We aspire to establish an intellectual bridge between academic and applied sectors of applications of Anthropology to strengthen ongoing relationships within the department and with other programs. It will advance our research arena along with our integrated learning style in the race of learning of how to learn from others to be human.

Reflecting the vision of our department as a whole, the mission of the Dept. of Anthropology of Comilla University, Bangladesh is devoted to sub-disciplinary programs focusing on different aspects of cultural diversity of human life. The Department aims to employ the specific theoretical and conceptual tools appropriate to its particular emphasis in studying human diversity. We thus pursue our shared commitment through research and teaching that draws on a diverse array of humanistic and scientific approaches. Our mission is to learn, research, and practice anthropology to explore human experience across time and space. We aspire to critically analyze the interactions between culture and human being following an integrated perspective of theoretical and distinct methodological approaches. 

We believe that anthropological research should be both rigorous and creative and that it should be intrinsically connected to our unique discipline oriented approaches. We endeavor to continue to place our knowledge at the service of the local, national and international communities to support humanistic values applying relativist point of view. We hope to advance, increase, and disseminate the knowledge and practice of anthropology within our academic arena. Acknowledging and honoring the richness of human culture, in brief, our mission is to appreciate the diversity of human experience differentiated by culture and circumstance and to translate our knowledge to meet social needs for the betterment of human being.